Tips For Farming ‘Destiny 2’ Dares Of Eternity Deepsight Weapon Patterns

The hottest activity in Destiny 2: Season of Plunder is…Dares of Eternity? Yes, we are taking a time warp back to last winter where the free-to-play activity was introduced for Bungie’s 30th Anniversary, along with a bunch of weapons inspired by past Bungie games, including Halo.

Those weapons were sought-after at the time, but in order to engage new players with the crafting system in Destiny 2 a bit more, Bungie has now done three things:

1) Made all Dares of Eternity weapons craftable

2) Given them new perk pools

3) Given them an origin trait

So your old god rolls of those guns? Trash! Time to re-farm, and get enhanced perks and origin traits. The one gun in particular that everyone seems to want is the BxR-55 Battler, essentially the Battle Rifle from Halo, which is powerful in PvP but also can now be fun in PvE with an Incandescent roll.

Farming these weapons for crafting is…somewhat tough, however. They all require five patterns, minus one of them, and there’s no way to target farm specific ones. So, how do you maximize your chances here?

The Other Half – What once was the hardest weapon to find will now be the easiest one to craft, All Other Half drops are now deepsight drops, and you only need one pattern to craft it. Even me, with my eternal quest to get the sword last year, got this in short order when returning to Dares. So this one’s a gimme.

Weekly Pinnacle – Bungie has now made it clear that once per account, per week, if you complete the 250,000 score pinnacle quest, you will get one guaranteed red frame drop. I think it’s guaranteed to be one for a pattern you haven’t completed, but I need to confirm that. Regardless, you should do this every week. While it’s possible to hit that score on a normal run, you are probably going to want to do it on Legend.

All Bounties, All Characters – You need to maximize your intake of paraversal haul package, because those can get you up to three keys (and as such, three weapon drops) per box if you’re lucky. So that means making sure you do all the bounties on your characters each week. And if you have extra coins, buy…paraversal haul boxes.

Farm Legend – This is probably the singular piece of advice to help maximize your farming overall. While it’s annoying that legend does not have matchmaking, it is arguably much easier than normal because you are guaranteed to have infinite heavy ammo for two of the three sections because you will always know what the boss is going to be. Past that, higher scores mean you will see bonus Lightning Rounds more often which will get you three extra chests and more keys that way.

Those are my main pieces of advice, but let me tell you, you can do everything right and it’s still going to come down to RNG. After dozens and dozens of keys and bounties and weekly rewards I am still at a fat zero Battler patterns, even though I’ve finished both swords and have made progress with all the other weapons. That’s the crafting grind baby!

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