I’m hooked on Disney Dreamlight Valley, but I wish I could evict Goofy

As Lauren wrote yesterday, Disney Dreamlight Valley is easy to get hooked on. The game’s building tools, art style, and seemingly endless quests and activities really does make it feel like it’s the Animal Crossing on PC we’ve been waiting for.

I’m not a Disney fan and I never played Animal Crossing, yet here I am, pouring hours into Disney Dreamlight Valley. Last night I glanced at the clock around 1 am and I realized I was fighting to stay awake simply because I desperately needed to show Wall-E how to give a carrot to a squirrel. I am an adult who hasn’t watched a Disney animated film in years, and wasn’t even into them as a kid, and somehow showing a trash robot how to feed a rodent was more important to me than sleep.

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