Ranking Destiny 2’s Nine 3.0 Classes And Subclasses, Best To Worst

Well, we finally have all 3.0 original light elements live in Destiny 2, and we can switch between them (and Stasis) at any given time. I’ve used them all, and now I’m going to come up with a ranking order for them that I’m sure no one will take any issues with.

These are what I view as the strongest and weakest of the 3.0 subclasses, though I do think many are mostly fine, and it’s only the few at the very bottom that need some work. I am also generally speaking about PvE play, not PvP, so take that how you will.

1. Void 3.0 Warlock – It’s been a while since I’ve returned to void, but Void 3.0 Warlocks are incredibly strong, namely on the back of constantly devour for unlimited healing, plus Child of the Old Gods, a permanent debuff on enemies, and big damage with Nova Super bombs. Add in some fun exotics like Nezerec’s Sin and you’ve got yourself one hell of a subclass.

2. Solar 3.0 Titan – It’s hard not to put “bonk Titans” way up here with their unlimited hammers and constant sunspot generation. They are also of course boosted by one of the single best exotics in the game, Loreley Splendor, which by itself can make this subclass practically unkillable in most content.

3. Arc 3.0 Titan – I am having an absolute blast with Arc 3.0 Titan, where in particular I am loving the new dash mechanic that no one else has access to, which I find more useful than even Hunter dodge. Titan Storm grenades are already the stuff of legend, and Heart of Inmost light does wonders with this subclass. We just need some Super damage buffs here.

4. Void 3.0 Hunter – I know people thought that Void 3.0 Hunter was weak initially, but I don’t think that’s the case these days once people figured out how to properly utilize it, plus, a new exotic, Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, as of this season has made an incredibly fun build revolving around invisibility for non-stop damage boosts that’s a must play.

5. Void 3.0 Titan – Even though we’re getting lower here, I still have enjoyed Void 3.0 Titan with its explosive charges on void abilities and its ability to produce overshields on demand. Bubble got nerfed but overall it’s still a strong class, especially if you throw on a Devour fragment too.

6.Solar 3.0 Hunter – Nonstop radiance and a damage boosted Shards of Galanor is pretty great, and so is the Caliban’s Hand knife build now that it works properly. Same with an Ahamkara tripmine build. A lot of fun to be had here, even if it may not be your pick for the highest level content in the game.

7. Arc 3.0 Hunter – This may be somewhat controversial but I have not loved Arc Hunter all that much, minus the cool new spear-throwing super. Too much revolves around melee builds with Liar’s Handshake and One-Two Punch and I just don’t find those particularly enjoyable, even if they can be strong. Hunter’s arc exotics besides Liar’s are generally extremely bad, and the one it got this time around was for Void. It needs both buffs and new tools to play with.

8. Arc 3.0 Warlock – While I am very much liking one specific build on Arc 3.0 Warlock, the ionic trace one with the new helmet and new fusion rifle, generally speaking, it feels like it got fewer benefits than Arc Hunter and Titan, and both its supers are badly in need of major damage buffs to feel relevant. The good news is that Warlock has a good amount of decent Arc exotics to play with, which is less true of the other classes.

9. Solar 3.0 Warlock – I think it’s pretty clear that almost everyone views Solar 3.0 Warlock as having gotten the short end of the reworks stick overall. It had to be buffed mid-season, and that still wasn’t quite enough with this “aerial kills” fantasy not really working in anything approaching PvE content. I do enjoy the burn builds you can make with Dawn Chorus and Incandescent weapons or Fusion spam, but it’s clear that it still needs some pretty serious help. Of course Well remains a necessary super in things like raid and dungeon encounters so you often have to run it, but I think you have to separate that out from the subclass rework as a whole.

I have no idea where to slot Stasis into this list as it’s been so long since I’ve used it in any meaningful capacity, but feel free to make suggestions.

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