Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Animal Crossing on PC we’ve been waiting for

I really thought that a little indie game would eventually explode on PC to deliver the Animal Crossing social sim experience we fawned over on our Nintendo Switches in 2020. Several have tried in the past few years, but none have stuck with the same success as Stardew Valley did with the Harvest Moon formula. The days of tiny teams eating the lunch of classic Nintendo series may be over: now bigger studios are taking their shot. Smash Bros. is finally getting a run for its money from a Warner Bros. gameand the Animal Crossing on PC experience has arrived on PC bedecked in House of Mouse.

I admitted I went into Disney Dreamlight Valley cultivating resentment. I wanted an underdog story, not just a big studio licensing a big brand to thump Nintendo on the skull. “Those character designs look so Fortnite-y,” I grumbled to myself last week, belying my bias even to myself.

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