Details about Kimberly’s unique spray can resource system revealed for Street Fighter 6

We were recently treated to a look at Juri and Kimberly during the recent Street Fighter 6 showcase with Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto. Being that this was our first look at these characters in Street Fighter 6 outside of their initial trailers, we learned quite a bit about their gameplay.

For Kimberly, it would appear that she has access to a unique resource system revolving around her paint spray cans. Needless to say, we recently got a chance to see the system in action during the showcase.

At the beginning of every match, Kimberly will start out with two spray cans ready. Those familiar with Ibuki’s kunai resource in Street Fighter 5 should feel familiar with Kimberly’s unique resource.

By using the “Genius at Play” special, Kimberly will restock one of her spray cans. However, it should be noted that this special move does have some start up to it. During the stream, it was demonstrated that Kimberly will be unsuccessful at restocking if she is interrupted by an attack.

It was also revealed during the stream that there is a major difference between Kimberly’s system in Street Fighter 6 and Ibuki’s kunai system in Street Fighter 5. Unlike Ibuki and her kunai, Kimberly will not automatically restock resource between rounds.

So far, we’ve been able to spot two different things that Kimberly uses this resource for. One special once again behaves very similarly to Ibuki’s EX Kunai from Street Fighter 5.

One caveat about this special is that it won’t intercept opponents on its way to its destination. Additionally, there’s a noticeable delay before the spray can explode.

Kimberly will also spend a spray can seemingly for additional damage at the end of her level 1 super. It’s worth noting that Kimberly won’t spend anything aside from her super meter for her level 1 super if the initial hit is whiffed or blocked.

If Kimberly doesn’t have a spray can available, she’ll still be able to perform her level 1 super. This finished the attack with a different animation, and likely deals a little less damage.

It should be noted, however, that Kimberly has some sort of teleport special that effectively behaves like an invincible back dash. Kimberly will cause a paint explosion at her current location, and then reappear slightly away from her previous position with another spray can detonation.

Despite appearances, this move actually does not appear to consume Kimberly’s resources. It can be freely used to whiff punish overzealous players.

Needless to say, players will likely have to think carefully how they use Kimberly’s unique resource system considering how it doesn’t replenish itself between rounds. As such, Kimberly already looks to have a unique gameplay style in Street Fighter 6 that will surely require plenty of practice to optimize.


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