Why has no Pokemon clone taken off like Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley (opens in new tab) is the golden child of farming sims. It’s sold more than 20 million copies since 2016 and kicking off a torrent of farm life games on PC. But there’s been no Stardew Valley moment for the monster-taming genre. Pokémon clones (opens in new tab) are now abundant, yet none have had a sliver of Stardew Valley’s success, yet alone Pokémon’s. If Stardew Valley hit on some magical formula for reimagining a classic Japanese series as a modern indie game, monster tamers haven’t found it.

(Image credit: Concerned Ape)

“An RPG where [players] can create their own adventure based on the characters they know is of course appealing,” say Jochem and Marcel, the indie developers behind this year’s Coromon (opens in new tab). The challenge for indies is “players would often rather stay with what they know than trying out new games,” they say.

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