The man who lifted PlayStation up to PC Gamer standards is about to retire

Long time PlayStation hardware architect and current executive vice president Masayasu Ito is set to retire from Sony Interactive Entertainment at the end of September, after 36 years working with the company. It’s been a good run. From mechanical engineering lead for the PSP, to hardware engineering lead for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Ito has seen Sony grow into the console giant it is today.

This is a man who overlooks the rise of consoles as they transformed into something much more akin to desktop PCs. A man whose work helped to set a trajectory for greatness, and push Sony technology into the ever watchful eye of PC Gamer’s tech team. Look, you’re right, we’re not a console site. But I’ll be damned if there’s much difference to speak of nowadays. That’s in great part thanks to Ito and the work of his diligent engineering teams over the years (via Bloomberg (opens in new tab)).

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