Intel’s Core i5 13400 is shaping up to be a killer budget gaming chip

It’s an exciting time to be a PC gaming enthusiast. After a quiet first half of 2022, we’re getting set for a flood of PC hardware releases, and one of the specific items I have my eye on is Intel’s upcoming 13th Gen Core i5 13400. The i5 12400 is already our favorite budget gaming CPU, but the 13400 is looking even better.

Check out our review of the i5 12400 (opens in new tab). Dave James gave it a stratospheric 95/100, and the only way it could realistically score higher than that was if it cost 50 bucks and came with a free motherboard. It runs cool, sips power, and delivers enough horsepower to keep even high-end graphics cards fed. But one thing it lacked compared to the more expensive 12th Gen CPUs was efficiency cores. This meant that its multi-threading and multi-tasking progress fell well behind the likes of the more expensive 12600K.

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