‘Destiny 2’ Will Get Major Changes To Its Power System, A ‘Scary’ Task

Bungie has laid out a vision for Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion, revealing a bunch of tall, hot Neptune dwellers in a Cyberpunk city, but more changes are coming than just story developments. Many of these were discussed already, in-game LFG, saved loadouts, but other coming changes are now being revealed in post-Lightfall showcase interviews.

Destiny 2 director Joe Blackburn recently told GamesRadar that big changes are coming to the power system of Destiny 2, but that it’s a tough task to take on given the implications:

“We would still like to make major changes to the Power system. We looked at crafting as a scary thing to add to Destiny, and Power is that times 10. There’s some good stuff that Power does for the game, and there’s some really bad stuff that Power is doing to Destiny right now.”

“I think what you’re gonna see us do is some experiments that are helping us understand if we’re making the right long-term plays for Power and helping us dial that in. If we’re gonna do this overhaul, can we have some good data before we get there?”

He goes on to say that this will not necessarily be some fixed changed that happens with Lightfall in six months, but instead there will be “weird experiments” with power during that coming year.

He compares it to how scary it was to introduce crafting, a system that I would argue has still not really proven itself to be an overall positive addition to the game since Witch Queen, given how dramatically it’s overhauled the gear chase. And often not in good ways (those damn pattern drops).

As for power, while we do not know exactly what Bungie is planning, there have been two major proposals that players have been tossing around for a long time now:

1. No more gear power. This is the idea that only XP would get you power, and you would no longer be searching for powerful and pinnacle drops to upgrade individual pieces of gear. This results in often maddening RNG when you can be looking for one slot to hit max power, but instead your last five pinnacle drops are all energy weapons. It’s also annoying when it comes to experimentation, as constant infusion of gear is costly and time-consuming when you just want to throw something on from your vault and start playing.

2. No more power levels…period. This is a more “dangerous” idea, perhaps, but one that Destiny is already moving toward in many ways. The biggest, most successful challenges in the game are already based around power level not mattering. The Legendary Witch Queen campaign, contest mode raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls all are just at a “set difficulty,” where your power doesn’t actually matter. Power has been removed from every PvP mode minus Trials. It really just matters for things like Master Nightfalls/Dungeons and Raids, and not a whole lot else. So why have it at all, especially when it makes lapsed players or new players feel extremely far behind?

But of course this is…an MMOARPG, or whatever you want to call it, and leveling and power are almost always a part of this genre. You grind a lot, you’re stronger than other players who don’t. So getting rid of power entirely would be its own kind of risk, or messing too much with a current system that has worked at least well enough for a while.

And yet every time I bring this up, I see a huge amount of players who at the very least agree with the idea of ​​no more gear power. No more power period may be a tougher sell, but that concept has its fans too. It does seem like it will take some experimentation over the next year and a half to land somewhere concrete, but I do hope significant changes come sooner rather than later.

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