Street Fighter 5 Ver. 07.010 update patch notes — Street Fighter League costumes and bug fixes added

Street Fighter 5 received a surprise update last night that added a few things to the now six-year-old title. While we don’t see any balance changes here (as expected considering the definitive update was exactly that), new content is now available for purchase.

The game has been brought up to version 07.010, and Capcom has released the patch notes to divulge everything included in the latest update. You will find them after the jump.

The latest patch brings a batch of new costumes into the fold. This time around, fans can look forward to a set of special Japanese Street Fighter League outfits that allow players to represent the teams who took part in the competition.

These costumes look a lot like Street Fighter 5’s track suits, but now we see SFL team logos plastered on the back with “2022” across the top. There are eight different team looks you can snag, including SHINOBISM GAMING, v6plus FAV gaming, and more.

The SFL costumes come in a P1 and P2 color and are available for all 45 characters on the roster.

Each individual costume pack will run you $2.99 ​​USD, or you can opt to buy all eight in a bundle for $20.08 USD (current discounted Steam price). You can find the Steam and PlayStation Store pages for the costumes by clicking each link.

Street Fighter League 2022 Street Fighter 5 costumes picture #1

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On top of new outfits, a handful of bug fixes were implemented in version 07.010. Cody sees a fix to some odd behavior involving his Critical Art, while Menat, G, Kolin, and Cody again sees an issue with V-Shift Break corrected.

The patch comes in at around 32 gigabytes and is available for download now.

You can check out the full set of patch notes below.

With the conclusion of the 9/1/2022 server maintenance, Street Fighter V was updated to Ver. 07.010.


– SFL: Pro-JP 2022 Complete Team Costume Packs
– SFL: Pro-JP 2022 v6plus FAV gaming Costumes Bundle
– SFL: Pro-JP 2022 Good 8 Squad
– SFL: Pro-JP 2022 Saishunkan Sol KUMAMOTO
– SFL: Pro-JP 2022 Commufa Detonation
– SFL: Pro-JP 2022 GyoGun

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the opponent gets pushed out of the attack range without taking damage when executing his CA (Criminal Punisher) in certain situations.

Kolin, Menat, Cody, and G:
Fixed an issue in which the hit of V-Shift Break comes late when avoiding the opponent’s attack during the latter half of the movement with V-Shift.

Thank you for continuing to support Street Fighter V.


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