Domina has been delisted from Steam after yet another transphobic diatribe

Domina has been delisted from Steam after its developer—Dolphin Barn Incorporated—once again used the game’s patch notes as a political soapbox, this time to post a transphobic screed (opens in new tab). Visitors to Domina’s Steam page will find a notice stating, “At the request of the publisher, Domina is no longer available for sale on Steam” in place of the usual option to purchase the game.

Judging by SteamDB records (opens in new tab), Domina was removed from sale about 12 hours ago, seemingly in response to the game’s 1.3.25 patch notes titled, “We’re Out of Ideas, Mentally Unstable, Totally Degenerate, & Desperate for Clout – Lets Pretend We’re A Completely Different Game to Regain Relevance!” The notes are, in essence, an extended joke about deadnaming: the transphobic act of referring to a trans person who has changed their name by the name they were assigned at birth.

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