Bethesda forced Arkane to call its game Prey, which studio founder says was ‘very, very hurtful’

I like Arkane’s 2017 immersive sim Prey (opens in new tab) a lot—even more than I liked Human Head’s 2006 FPS of the same name. (Which, for the record, I liked quite a lot too.) But I was always baffled by the decision to reuse the title. Developer Arkane was explicit that its game was not a sequel or a remake, and had “no tie with the original (opens in new tab),” and it’s not as though the 2006 game was such a smash hit that it carried immutable PR value.

It was a fairly widespread point of confusion, in fact, and not just among gamers but also at Arkane. In fact, studio founder Raphael Colantonio, who left Arkane (opens in new tab) in 2017, said in a recent Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences interview that Bethesda’s insistence on using the name “was very, very hurtful,” and ultimately helped convince him that it was time to go.

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