One free week of Destiny 2 campaigns dragged me right back in

To celebrate the announcement of Destiny 2 Lightfall, Bungie gave players free access to all current campaigns for one week. That meant that technically anyone could jump in and play through Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and the Witch Queen, but in actuality, it’s highly unlikely that many were able to get through them all. A week isn’t a ton of time to get through all three campaigns’ associated quests and content – ​​but it’s enough to lure in new players and bring back old ones.

season of the witch

(Image credit: Bungie)

I stopped playing Destiny 2 for two reasons: time and money. I first started with Beyond Light and got about 100 hours of playtime in within a month – though most of what was going on still confused me. After asking around for some more direction post-Beyond Light campaign, I honed in on quests and raids that would provide me with some great gear or help me level up my Stasis ability. But eventually, I just drifted away, unwilling to allow myself to continue to be enveloped in such a time-consuming game when there were others out there that cost less to enjoy.

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