Hogwarts Legacy has a PlayStation-exclusive quest as if it were still 2010

⁠In an August 26 Twitter thread (opens in new tab) clarifying the different versions of Hogwarts Legacy (opens in new tab) and what comes with them, the game’s official account revealed that PlayStation editions of the game “come with an exclusive quest,” while pre-orders of PlayStation editions also get the vaunted “Felix Felicis Potion Recipe” of Harry Potter lore.

My knee-jerk reaction is to be frustrated with platform exclusive content, but you can almost guess the character of what’s on offer. An NPC who maybe only has idle dialogue in other versions of the game will have some kind of collect-a-thon for you with quest rewards that are kind of OP in the early to mid game. Maybe they’ll even send you to a bespoke dungeon if it’s on the higher end of things. We’ll know more soon, I guess.

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