Elden Ring dataminer explains why enemies smack you when you reach for a potion

As reported by our friends at GamesRadar (opens in new tab)prolific Souls series dataminer Zullie the Witch (opens in new tab) has released a new video touching on a slightly controversial aspect of Elden Ring’s much-discussed difficulty: enemies’ propensity for reacting to certain actions (like self-healing) almost as fast as you can perform them, sometimes referred to by fans as “input reading.”

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve whittled down the Godskin Guy’s health to within bare millimeters of victory, as he has done to you. Thankfully, you’ve got an ace in the hole: the healing Flask of Crimson Tears. One little chug and you’ll have some breathing room in these final moments of the battle. But as soon as you pull the flask from your belt the Godskin Guy is already charging up his little blackflame hadouken.

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