Halo Infinite leaks show cut campaign content, including wildlife and Prometheans

What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite fans have discovered and leaked several pieces of cut campaign content.
  • The leaks include a few different forms of wildlife as well as several types of Prometheans.
  • Zeta Halo’s wildlife was prominently featured in Halo Infinite’s E3 2018 announcement trailer, while the Prometheans were in both Halo 4 and 5.

While the Halo Infinite campaign is widely considered to be great by fans and critics alike, something many fans have wondered about since its release is the absence of wildlife on Zeta Halo, as well as the Forerunner Promethean soldiers that were under Cortana’s control in Halo 5 : Guardians. Since the former were prominently featured in Halo Infinite’s E3 2018 trailer and the latter were encountered frequently in the last few mainline Halo titles, players expected both to make appearances in the game.

We may never know why the developers chose to omit Zeta Halo’s fauna and the Prometheans from Halo Infinite, but thanks to the team behind the @leaks_infinite account on Twitterwe do know that there were plans to add them at some point. Recently, the account shared a series of videos that show several cut enemies — including a pair of creatures and three Promethean units.

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