Embrace the ranger fantasy in this bow hunting FPS where the creatures hunt you back

Bethesda veteran and indie developer Nate Purkeypile recently released an updated 2022 trailer for his experimental fantasy hunting sim, The Axis Unseen (opens in new tab). The latest trailer, as well as Purkeypile’s dev logs on YouTube, paint an exciting picture of a sort of stealth-shooter that embraces some classic immersive sim inspirations.

Purkeypile is developing The Axis Unseen on Unreal Engine 5, and while the tech’s gotten plenty of attention for the high-fidelity graphics it can support, this is the first time I’ve been really wowed by the art direction on a UE5 project. Purkeypile’s stark metal album environments really benefit from the “UE5 look” of the lighting, that kind of dreamy effect like a too-bright early afternoon.

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