Secretlab Magnus Pro XL review

Surprisingly innovative. That’s how I’ll sum up the Secretlab Magnus Pro XL. I’ve never been one to look for much in a gaming desk—I ask only for a flat plane on which to sit my monitors, keyboard, and mouse—yet the Magnus Pro XL has so thoroughly impressed me that I’m starting to reconsider my whole opinion of what a desk should be.

The sit/stand functionality on the Magnus Pro XL is quite simply one of the best out there.

I’m now firmly in the camp that a desk should be absolutely massive. The Magnus Pro XL is the largest desk I’ve ever used personally, having only recently found the space for such a behemoth, coming in at 177cm x 80cm. This is also the heaviest desk I’ve ever had to move solo by far, at 32.9kg for the desk alone. The mostly metal frame of the Magnus Pro XL, explains some of that, though it’s the two included motors, one integrated into each of the legs, which add a whole lot of mass to the equation.

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