Homeworld 3 is all about the ‘terrain’ of space

It’s the third mission of the game and, if this was Homeworld 2, I’d be screwed. Right now, I only have access to recon ships and interceptors—basic fighters that, per Homeworld’s rock, paper, scissors design, are weak against the bigger, meaner frigates. And, I’ve been tasked with securing an area that, wouldn’t you know, is being protected by two bigger, meaner frigates.

But I’m not playing Homeworld 2. I’m playing its successor, a game that developer Blackbird Interactive—a studio that’s staffed by plenty of Relic luminaries who worked on the original games—describes as being 20 years in the making. A game that takes concepts once considered back then, but dismissed because the technology of the day just wasn’t up to the task.

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