This PC-only Chinese RPG looks like Assassin’s Creed, except you can put your sword down and get a normal job

Based on the Gamescom announcement trailer, Where Winds Meet looks like an Assassin’s Creed-sized undertaking, so it’s a little surprising that I’ve never heard of its developer, Everstone Studio. I have heard of its publisher, though: The studio is backed by NetEase, the second largest game publisher in China, so it’s at least safe to assume that it’s the big-budget open world action RPG it appears to be.

It looks cool, too, and I almost didn’t notice it during Gamescom Opening Night Live. The trailer starts with a poem by the last Southern Tang ruler, Li Yu, and I am fond of Chinese poetry (check out Meng Chiao sometime), but it’s all a bit sleepy and cinematic-ey, so I tuned out. At around 1:22, though, the trailer switches to gameplay, and we see the protagonist strolling through a city. The footage looks a bit jaggy and artifacted, but ignoring that, it’s a subtly impressive scene, with around three dozen locals going about their business in a small area.

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