The PC strategy RPG army swells: Absolute Tactics arrives September 15

Absolute Tactics, or as it would’ve been called in ’90s California, Hella Tactics, is an indie project that longtime Gearbox Software developer Jason Shields has been working on for the last five years. It’s finally almost finished, and landing on Steam and the Nintendo Switch on September 15—right in the middle of the biggest year for the strategy RPG genre in decades.

Tactics Ogre, the grandfather of the genre, is making its way to PC later this year, but Shields took a bit of a different tact with his design for Absolute Tactics. “I think a natural trend in games, and SRPGs are no exception, is to become more and more complicated over time,” he says. “Even though there’s plenty of gear and min-max opportunities for those who are inclined, I wanted Absolute Tactics to have a little bit more streamlined approach in those areas.”

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