The least likable developer on Steam may have hit the limit of its permissive moderation

Dolphin Barn’s gladiator management sim Domina lost any appeal it may have had when, starting last May, its developer began inserting screeds against “soft” men and LGBTQ people (opens in new tab) into the game’s patch notes and forum discussions. The game’s official account has been banned on both Twitter and Bandcamp, with the individual having previously balanced support for trans youth with pedophilia (opens in new tab) on the former platform.

Now the developer says he’s been temporarily banned from posting on his own game’s Steam forums, although he can still publish Domina patch notes, the latest of which (opens in new tab) accuses Valve and Steam Support of being “cowards.” Meanwhile, Domina’s “Mostly Negative” recent reviews are full of references to the developer’s views, the game’s forums are a battleground, and Dolphin Barn’s recent banning shows Steam’s typically laissez-faire moderation turning its attention to the game.

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