How to use a Minecraft X-ray texture pack in 2022

If players want to find precious resources in Minecraft quickly, they may consider using an X-ray texture pack. These packs hollow out most blocks, leaving only ore blocks remaining so that players can navigate to them easily.

X-ray texture packs come in many different forms. Certain packs take a different approach to general blocks, making some invisible while leaving others intact.


Players will want to download an X-ray texture pack that suits them best based on their description and screenshots. Once the pack is downloaded, players must enable it in-game in order to use it appropriately.

Players can use similar steps to enable and use X-ray texture pack for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Mobs are still visible within the X-ray texture pack (Image via
Mobs are still visible within the X-ray texture pack (Image via

Depending on the edition of Minecraft being played, players will have a slightly different method of installing and activating an X-ray texture pack. However, both methods pretty much follow the same steps: move the file to a specific folder and activate it from the game’s main menu.

The process should only take a few moments, and players can then get back to playing the game. Disabling the pack is just as simple and doesn’t require players to remove any files.

Steps to install and enable X-ray texture packs in Java Edition

  1. Download the X-ray texture pack of your choice. Once the texture pack is downloaded, players will notice that it is downloaded in .rar or .zip format. Players won’t need to extract the file; they simply need to move it to a specific folder.
  2. Players will need to locate their .minecraft folder to begin. This can be done easily in Windows by opening the search bar and entering %appdata%. This will allow players to open their appdata folder and find the game’s folder (likely near the top of the list).
  3. Open the .minecraft folder. Open the resourcepacks folder and place the X-ray texture pack .zip file inside.
  4. Start the game and select the options button before clicking on Resource Packs.
  5. On the left of the Resource Packs screen, players should be able to find their X-ray pack listed. Highlight the pack and click the arrow icon on it to move it to the list on the right. The next time players start the game, the texture pack should be active for them in single-player.

Steps to install and enable X-ray texture packs in Bedrock Edition

  1. Download the Bedrock Edition X-ray texture pack of your choosing. For Bedrock, the texture packs typically come as an .mcpack file.
  2. Double-click or otherwise run the .mcpack file. Pocket Edition players can typically open the pack directly with their Minecraft app.
  3. After a few moments, the pack should complete installation. Open the game if it isn’t already open and create/edit a given world.
  4. On the left side of the world creation/edit window, scroll down to the Resource Packs tab.
  5. Select the X-ray texture pack and press the activate button.

These are the simplest methods to activate an X-ray texture pack in Java and Bedrock Edition. There are alternative methods, but these are the most straightforward for single-player enjoyment.

It is imperative that players use a texture pack that is compatible with their version of the game. For example, if players are playing version 1.19.2, they’ll want to download an X-ray texture pack that is compatible with 1.19 or above.

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