Top 5 challenging Minecraft modpacks in 2022

Minecraft is a lot more fun when played with mods. After playing the vanilla version for a while, players can get bored of the same old mechanics, structures, and mobs. In this case, they can download some challenging modpacks with loads of new features made by excellent modders in the community.

Modpacks are essentially a group of mods combined to form a completely different game inside the vast sandbox title. Some of them are aimed towards casual players, whereas others are quite difficult and offer players a challenge.

Even though the vanilla version of the game is fairly difficult, players can step it up by playing these modpacks.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinion. There are many other challenging modpacks for Minecraft.

Mineshafts and Monsters, Mustard Virus, and 3 other difficult and challenging Minecraft modpacks in 2022

1) Shattered Ring


This Minecraft modpack is inspired by the popular AAA title, Elden Ring. It features a new type of combat system, loads of new threatening enemies, and hundreds of points of interest throughout the map.

Since Elden Ring is not the easiest game to play, this modpack also has its fair share of difficulties. Players will face dangerous beasts and other challenges regularly.

Even though it runs on the 1.16.5 game version, Shattered Ring is a brilliant modpack to try in 2022.

2) Mineshafts and Monsters


Mineshafts and Monsters is another challenging modpack for Minecraft. It adds loads of biomes and a new type of terrain to the game, refreshing the world completely.

The modpack also adds a plethora of new mobs to fight with. From huge aquatic mobs to threatening flying creatures, these mobs breathe new life into the game.

Players will have to follow the main quest storyline and can complete side quests along the way. There are also many new structures to explore and conquer. This modpack completely overhauls the sandbox title.

3) Forever Stranded


When players are in a desert biome in the Minecraft vanilla version, they might starve and struggle to survive if they’re not prepared. This concept was expanded and enhanced by a modpack called Forever Stranded. In this modpack, players will have to travel far and wide in the desert to find resources to survive.

Forever Stranded is even more difficult since it is set to hardcore mode. Hence, players will not respawn once they die. The first challenge will be to find water and food.

Even though it runs on the 1.10.2 version of the game, Forever Stranded is worth trying in 2022.

4) Mustard Virus


Minecraft players usually fight off zombies and other hostile mobs to keep their base surroundings safe. Mustard Virus takes this very concept and elevates it to a much higher difficulty. This is essentially a zombie apocalypse modpack where players have to defend themselves against a hoard of zombies.

The main thing that makes the modpack challenging is that the hostile mobs are not affected by sunlight or any other light source. Instead, they are attracted towards any light or sound. Players will need to build a stronghold to keep them at bay.

5) RLCraft


RLCraft has been at the very top when it comes to Minecraft modpacks. It is one of the most detailed and difficult modpacks to get into.

Along with new mobs, biomes, and structures, RLCraft offers a revamped combat system, potion system, crafting system, and a new hydration system, where players need to drink water to survive.

Players can follow the modpack’s storyline and fight their way through extremely dangerous mobs.

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