These AI-generated Overwatch fusions are beautiful and terrifying

I’ve gone back and forth on AI art being cool and scary, but I can’t deny that these Overwatch hero fusion renders (opens in new tab) I saw on Reddit last week are pretty sweet. It is fascinating that we can now ask an AI’s opinion of what Soldier 76 and Mei would look like smooshed together, and it can spit out a shockingly cool, arguably original character design.

That’s what author Drew Harrison did when he became one of the few thousand with access to Stable Diffusion (opens in new tab), an AI image model similar to other popular tools like DALL-E and Midjourney. Harrison started by feeding the AI ​​simple instructions like “make a fusion portrait of Mercy from Overwatch and Junkrat from Overwatch” and in some cases took more direct control over artistic influences with tags like 4K, highly detailed, cinematic lighting. Having only messed around with the DALL-E Mini online tool for a bit, I wasn’t aware you can get so specific with instructions.

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