‘Destiny 2’ Has ‘Wall-To-Wall Bangers Lined Up,’ Says Bungie

It’s that time again, where I collect some Bungie-based hype heading into the next season of Destiny 2. Once again we find ourselves in a similar situation where we know almost nothing about the actual content of season 18, only this time, it’s being revealed in a showcase alongside additional Lightfall expansion info, and the hype train is starting to gain steam.

Here’s Robert Schuster, who did the player questline for next season, with my favorite quote about “wall-to-wall bangers” coming up:

And Teawrex, former community streamer turned Bungie social systems designer:

Here’s Ben Platnick, who makes emotes, finishers and a lot of cosmetics:

And of course everyone is hyped about the showcase reveal itself, as per community manager Liana Ruppert:

Privately, I’ve been told that people think I specifically am going to like a lot of what’s shown in the showcase, though I do not know any details about what that means. Perhaps nuking all blues? We can only hope.

I know what the response to this will be, and that’s the idea that Bungie tends to always hype up new seasons or expansions, and then if it’s not the greatest delivery ever, people don’t want to believe the hype next time.

I’m of two minds of this. Mainly this seems like a complaint about Season of the Haunted, which has been generally considered to be not all that great of a season in the grand scheme of Destiny history. Although when I heard hype ahead of time for it, I do think that most of that was coming from the narrative team. And that aspect of the season did deliver. The main problems were in things like the seasonal reward loop (way, way too much Nightmare Containment) and an underuse of the repossessed Leviathan.

Before that, yes, I do remember tons of hype pre-Witch Queen but I thought…that delivered? It’s easily my favorite story campaign in Destiny history, without question, both in terms of its difficulty (the Legendary campaign was great) and its twists and turns (Savathun not stealing the light after all). Great raid, even a pretty solid attached season with Risen, which never happens. So I’d argue that did live up to the hype.

Here, we have Bungie talking about not just season 18, but also what’s going to be shown off with Lightfall, and anything else they have planned. It’s unlikely, though not impossible, that we could also see something like the reveal of a Destiny mobile game or Destiny anime series, which we think we know Bungie is working on in addition to the main game.

So yeah, I get why there’s some amount of skepticism among fans, but I also think it’s very clear that Bungie has been improving Destiny pretty clearly and consistently over the years, and in certain areas more than most (narrative). I am trying to manage my own hype levels but yes, I cannot help but be excited for next week.

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