Rollerdrome review | gaming pc


What is it? A third person shoot ’em up on skates.
Expect to pay $30/£25
Release date August 16, 2022
Developer Roll7
Publisher Private Division
Reviewed on Nvidia GeForce GTX-970, Intel i7-4790K, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer? No
Link Official website

Rollerdrome is a game about performance. There is combat, but it’s not about winning, as such. It’s about style. The attitude you bring to it. Putting on a show. Efficiency is a by-product of mastering its violent dance—really, you’re here to look good.

It might be my favorite action game since Devil Daggers. A single minded, stylish and evocative beast that pulls you along for a ride it’s hard to let go of. Let’s just say I’ve had more than one after-midnight session of Rollerdrome, chasing those high scores.

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