5 most entertaining GTA Online vehicles in 2022

GTA Online is filled with a lot of different types of vehicles that fulfill different purposes. And yet, some are fun and entertaining too.

The Criminal Enterprises update has been a success, adding tons of content to the game, including eight new sets of wheels so far. However, not every vehicle can be fun as some are meant strictly to help players in their hustle. However, they can have a lot of fun in the game if they pick the right vehicle for that purpose.

With that being said, let’s look at the five most fun and entertaining vehicles in GTA Online that players should know about.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s views.

5 GTA Online vehicles that provide great entertainment to players, ranked

5) Oppressor


At number five, it is none other than the Pegassi Oppressor, a custom sports bike that was added to GTA Online with the Gunrunning update.

Anytime players get bored in the game, they should pick up the Oppressor, especially if they love to do tricks with motorbikes. It has a top speed of 140 mph and the ability to fly thanks to its wings. With the help of its rocket boosters and wings, players can pull off some cool tricks and stay in the air for much longer, and do combos as well.

It is available for purchase at $3,524,500 – $2,650.00 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

4) Phantom Wedge


Next on the list is the Phantom Wedge, a custom semi-truck added to GTA Online with the Import/Export update.

This vehicle is for players who hate pedestrians and traffic on the road as they can ram them out of their way easily with this monster. It has a large, defensive metal wedge on its front to help players with the task. It’s easy and fun to clear the roads with a massive truck and let others know who owns the roads in Los Santos.

It is available for purchase at $2,553,600 – $1,920,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

3) Kamacho


At number three is the Canis Kamacho, a 4-door off-road utility truck that was added to GTA Online with The Doomsday Heist.

This vehicle is recommended for players who are outdoorsy and want to have fun while exploring every corner of Los Santos. He is the king of off-roaders in the game, with the capability to climb mountains with even 90-degree slopes with great ease. Players can gas the vehicle up and down mountains and pull off amazing moments thanks to its suspension.

The vehicle can be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $345,000.

2) LF-22 Starling


Next on the list is the LF-22 Starling, a rocket fighter aircraft added to GTA Online with the Smuggler’s Run update.

It is highly recommended for players who want to fly around Los Santos, blow up stuff, and pull-off cool air tricks. The aircraft has an incredible top speed of 187.75 mph (302.15 km/h). However, it can reach up to 207 mph thanks to its long-lasting rocket booster. It is quite responsive and super fun to roam around in an LF-22 even in 2022.

Players can pick it up from $3,657,500 – $2,750,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

1) Future Shock Bruiser


Finally, at number 1, it is the famous Benefactor Future Shock Bruiser, a 4-door 6X6 custom limousine version of Glendale.

It’s recommended for players who want an all-in-one tank to wreak havoc chaos on the streets of Los Santos. The vehicle has every tool to help them with the task, including nitrous, shunt boost, jump boost, proximity mines, sticky mines, guns on the front, and spikes. No matter what comes in front of the vehicle, they will be able to go through it when fully upgraded no matter what.

Players can convert their Glendale into the Future Shock Bruiser at the Arena Workshop for $1,609,000.

Meet the Declasse DraugurWith extreme off-road capabilities, the Draugur will get you to hell and back without a scratch. Or to your local Cluckin’ Bell. Same difference. Available now from Southern San Andreas Super Autos: rsg.ms/a9dde20 https://t.co/0VxSYFJ9gZ

Rockstar has done a great job in providing a variety of vehicles in the game, and players have the freedom to pick one according to their preferences. If they are looking to have fun, the aforementioned vehicles are worth checking out.


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