5 best Minecraft PvP servers for practice in 2022

PvP is a challenging and rewarding Minecraft gamemode that pits players against each other in fierce combat. PvP modes come in many forms and have varied goals for the player. However, players can also find classic PvP deathmatches where players can battle for supremacy.


While PvP comes in many forms in Minecraft, there are certain ways to practice it. Many multiplayer servers allow players to practice through unranked matches or even in a practice arena. It depends on the server, but players can find many different successful servers that can help them hone their skills at player vs player battle.

Minecraft PvP requires an unquestionable dedication from players

5) Complex Gaming

One of Complex Gaming's PvP areas (Image via Planet Minecraft)
One of Complex Gaming’s PvP areas (Image via Planet Minecraft)

Complex Gaming is well-known to the Minecraft community for the many gamemodes it offers. Among them are the likes of vanilla survival, Pixelmon, and Tekkit. However, this server also provides a plethora of PvP gamemodes as well, including Factions PvP for players who love large team-based battles.

The large number of players taking part in Complex Gaming’s server ensures that the skill levels in PvP are as diverse as possible, meaning players can find plenty of worthy challengers. The variety of PvP modes also allows players to change things up if a particular mode is getting stale for them.

4) Mineplex

Mineplex's official logo (Image via Xbox.com)
Mineplex’s official logo (Image via Xbox.com)

A server for Minecraft players on both Java and Bedrock Editions, Mineplex’s success speaks for itself in its official partnership with Mojang and Microsoft. The server has just about every popular gamemode players could ask for, and this extends to PvP as well.

Mineplex features one of the most welcoming communities, and beginners to PvP are encouraged to practice within the server’s confines. Players can find standard PvP as well as gamemodes like Bedwars and Skywars. Some PvP activities are segmented by skill level to allow players to learn in an environment with similar capabilities.


3) Purple Jail

Purple Prison's official logo (Image via Minecraft Maps)
Purple Prison’s official logo (Image via Minecraft Maps)

One of the longest-running Prison servers, Purple Prison is unique for its otherworldly alien aesthetic. Although the server is renowned for its Prison gameplay, Purple Prison possesses plenty of enjoyable PvP game modes. A high player count makes certain that players always have competition at the ready, and this extends to practice partners as well.

Furthermore, the server offers daily PvP challenges to complete and obtain rewards. This encourages practicing and competing in PvP to reach greater heights and bonuses.

2) Pika Network

Pika Network's official logo (Image via Pikanetwork/Youtube)
Pika Network’s official logo (Image via Pikanetwork/Youtube)

Though its name and reputation are tied to Pixelmon, Pika Network is an excellent and well-rounded server for players of any stripe. In addition to its Pixelmon and Survival Multiplayer modes, Pika Host facilitates plenty of PvP modes like Factions, OP Factions, Skwars, Bedwars, and KitPvP.

There’s also a dedicated world specifically for players to practice in, making it incredibly beginner-friendly if you’re looking for a PvP server to learn the ropes.


1) Hypixel

Hypixel offers Bedwars and many other PvP gamemodes (Image via Hypixel.net)
Hypixel offers Bedwars and many other PvP gamemodes (Image via Hypixel.net)

Long considered the top multiplayer server in the community, Hypixel has something for nearly any player who logs in. In addition to the server’s beloved Skyblock and survival gamemodes, tons of PvP worlds welcome new players.

From Bedwars to Skywars, from Arena to Duels, Hypixel has a gamemode to meet the needs of nearly any PvP player. There’s too much upside to Hypixel to list, so dive in and check it out yourself.

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