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The latest Forza Horizon 5 Let’s Go! live stream has revealed more details about the new Series beginning next week and, just like its colleagues across the pond, Playground Games is ditching numbers.

From this point forward the various new Series every four weeks won’t be numbered, and only bear names — starting with “Rummy’s Racing History”. You’ll just have to imagine that it’s Series 11…

This new theme centers on Rami — Ramiro Luiz Miron — who you’ll have encountered frequently during the various activities in FH5. Among other things, he is the legendary street racer “El Jefe” (“The Chief”) responsible for Horizon Street Scene. Spoiler alert.

The Playlist will feature events designed around cars from four different eras, starting in the pre-1970s, then 1970-1989, 1990-2009, and finally 2009 onwards. Events have been simplified a little — you’ll be able to do all the PR Stunts in the same car rather than having to use a different one each time — but generally remain as they are within the chronological theme each week.

Two new PR Stunts will appear this Series too, although only for the four-week duration. Both are Speed ​​Zones, going by the names of River Run and Green Hills.

One interesting new feature is voiceovers for the Playlist. We’re not entirely sure how this will work at the moment, but the suggestion is that the various characters will talk over your races, covering the importance and relevance of the vehicles you’re racing.

In addition there’s a new Horizon Story: Made in Mexico. You’ll need to unlock this by completing any one other Expedition, but when you do you’ll head through a tour of Mexican car culture over the decades. That naturally includes the Vocho.

There’s nine chapters in total, each with their own Accolade for completion as well as one for scoring three stars on all chapters. Further Accolades for collecting all the cars in the Series are also available, as usual.

Speaking of cars, the update will add another seven vehicles to the game, including the most expensive car ever to appear in a Horizon title.

That’s the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, a Mille Miglia-record setting race car once driven by Sir Stirling Moss. Moss beat his Mercedes team-mate Juan Manuel Fangio by more than half an hour in the 1955 event, and the car has been stored by Mercedes in a museum for much of the intervening time.

However it comes in at 143 million credits in the Autoshow, as a reference to the $143m sale price of a sibling chassis — converted to Uhlenhaut Coupe specification — last year. That means that winning it for 160pt in the Series Playlist is a bit of a timesaver.

At 80 points there’s the other car we spotted in the teaser image. It’s the first time the G92-generation BMW M4 will appear on a racing game other than on mobile, and it comes in purist rear-wheel drive specification with the Competition upgrades.

In all four seasons you’ll be able to pick up new cars for 20 points on the Playlist, starting with the infamous Porsche 550 Spyder in Summer. This was the car that James Dean referred to as “Little Bastard”, and behind the wheel of which he was killed in 1955.

Autumn sees the return of the Holden VK Commodore, a special homologation for the Australian Touring Car Championships, with another racer for the road in the shape of the Subary Legacy RS in Winter.

Finally, in Spring, players will be able to win two new cars. There’s the Xpeng (that’s pronounced “shau-pong”, as a contraction of “Xiaopeng”) P7, an electric sedan from China, and the BMW M3 GTS at 20 and 40 points respectively.

One unexpected new feature is the appearance of Tommy Bargains. This lovable car dealer will make an appearance every Wednesday during the Series selling rare cars at knockdown prices in the Forzathon Shop, so make sure you don’t miss out.

We’re expecting the update early next week, around August 15, while Series not-11 will get underway on Thursday August 18 at 1430UTC.

However, Playground Games is already looking to the next Series theme, with the Horizon Road Trip starting on Thursday September 15. We’ll have to wait until the next episode of Let’s Go! to find out more.

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