Destiny 2 cheat maker claims it hasn’t harmed the game, says Bungie should work with it

Bungie ran into a bit of a snag in its legal campaign against Destiny 2 cheat sellers in May when a Seattle judge dismissed its copyright infringement complaint (opens in new tab) against cheat maker AimJunkies. Bungie had argued that the development of cheats was an infringement of its copyright, while AimJunkies defends its software as an original creation—and the judge agreed with AimJunkies.

That wasn’t the end of the matter. Other elements of Bungie’s lawsuit remained intact, including allegations of trademark infringement and “false designation of origin,” and the studio was given time to restate the copyright infringement portion of its case. A few weeks later it did just that, alleging that AimJunkies “reverse-engineered and copied the software code for Destiny 2” in order to make its cheat software.

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