Tower of Fantasy, a New Free-to-Play Shared Open-World MMORPG, Is Now Available

Tower of Fantasy is a light sci-fi shared open-world MMORPG with cross-play that is now available from the official site, Apple’s App Store, and the Google Play Store. This new action-adventure MMORPG sends players to the alien world of Aida and will task them with saving what is left of humankind. But fret not, as Tower of Fantasy includes a deep combat system, the unique Simulacrum system that lets players embody heroes of the past, and a world filled to the brim with treasures waiting to be discovered.

Tower of Fantasy has also announced that four million global pre-registrations have been reached, and more rewards have been added for players to enjoy in-game.

In anticipation of the launch of Tower of Fantasy, we wanted to share six reasons why this is one adventure you and your friends won’t want to miss. Also, players can get 59 free draws max, 1 SSR selector, 1 SSR relic, and 10 limited cosmetics. For more details, please check out the official event page.

A Shared Open-World MMORPG Set in the Far Future

A lack of resources and energy have forced humankind to leave Earth, Aida – a lush and habitable alien world – was decided as the best place to build a new life. After they arrived, the comet Mara was spotted and led to humanity discovering an unknown but powerful energy called Omnium in it. They built Omnium Tower to capture the comet, but Omnium’s radiation led to a catastrophic disaster that changed everything forever. Now, it’s up to you and your friends to save humanity from destruction.

Bring Your Friends With You On This Grand Adventure

Tower of Fantasy can be played solo, but it becomes an even more grand adventure when you bring your friends along for the ride. Gather your crew to take on Tower of Fantasy’s greatest challenges and to show off your characters and the gear and weapons you have acquired throughout your respective journeys.

Freeform Character Customization Lets You Create the Avatar of Your Dreams

One of the aspects of living in a virtual world is creating a character you can call your own. Tower of Fantasy has taken this notion to heart and is giving players an expansive set of tools to craft the Wanderer of their dreams by customizing outfits, body type, skin color, eye shadow and color, and so much more. Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play adventure that will continue to get updates and expansions, and you’ll be able to experience all it has to offer with a Wanderer that shows the world who you truly are.

A Deep and Flexible Combat System

Tower of Fantasy’s combat will be familiar to anyone who has played a hack-and-slash RPG in the past, but it has many unique aspects to it that will make it feel fresh, exciting, and rewarding. In combat, you will have access to three different weapons, and using one will charge up the other two. When the charge on the other weapons has reached a certain level, you can unleash a devastating discharge attack that can turn the tide of battle. Furthermore, if you can pull off a perfectly timed dodge, you will activate Phantasia, an ability that will not only charge your weapons, but one that will slow the enemies near you.

Gain the Weapons and Abilities of Heroes With the Simulacrum System

One of the most important aspects of the combat system and Tower of Fantasy as a whole is the Simulacrum system. These Simulacrum are described as ancient heroes preserved as AI and can be obtained through the gameplay and by unlocking them using real-world money. These Simulacrum can be equipped by the player and doing so will give them access to their special weapon and abilities. You can also choose to look like them if you want, but those that love their own Wanderer can turn that function off. This system allows you to equip different Simulacrum to your different weapon slots to suit your playstyle, whether that be long-range, close combat, magic, or a mix of all of them.

Explore Tower of Fantasy’s Alien World with Motorcycles, Robotic Horses, Mechs, Jetpacks, and More

Exploration is as big a part of Tower of Fantasy as combat is, and players will have the ability to discover many different areas in the world of Aida. To help with that mission, players will gain access to different mounts like motorcycles, robotic horses, mechs, and more. However, that’s not all, as Relics will also play a huge part in the game and will open up parts of the world that were previously inaccessible. For example, the Jetpack Relic will let you fly higher into the air than before and reach treasures that were just out of reach. The Missile Barrage Relic can break up rock formations to open up caves, and it has the benefit of also being a tool to use in battle.

Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio have officially released Tower of Fantasy and players were able to preload the game and enjoy character customization ahead of the opening of the servers.

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