Path of Exile’s next quarterly expansion offers an early taste of the endgame

One of the great things about Path of Exile is its enormous, incredibly customizable endgame, the Atlas of Worlds. Taking every piece of the main game, past seasonal expansions, and more, throwing them into a blender and serving it up like some kind of never-ending Content Smoothie. The only problem is you’ve got to complete PoE’s surprisingly extensive story campaign first, a feat many players still haven’t achieved. The upcoming Lake of Kalandra expansion looks to give players an early peek at endgame action from the start.

Launching on August 19 and available for the next three months after that (give or take), the Lake of Kalandra league update adds a new mode running in parallel with the main story. Expanding on the story of Kalandra, a previously background character with mirror-based magical powers, you’ll be piecing together Mirrored Tablets as you explore, creating customized side dungeons that reflect bits of the main quests, plus some previously endgame-only modifiers from earlier time-limited expansions.

(Image credit: Grinding Gear)

At regular points through the story, you’ll be able to access the Mirrored Tablet, a grid of water and land tiles representing the dungeon map to be generated. Each time you access it, you can place several tile modifiers from a random pool. The difficulty of areas is dependent on how many tiles they are away from the entrance point, with appropriately scaling rewards. If you want the biggest fights and best loot, you’ll want to create a long, winding path from one corner of the grid to the other. Once the tablet is all filled out, you can open a portal to the lake and fight your way through your custom dungeon and come home with a bunch of rewards and XP.

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