Street Fighter 6 director may already be hinting at another character with the latest reveal of Kimberly

Fighting game fans ate very well this weekend as the community was not only treated to hours upon hours of amazing competition, but also got several major announcements from some of the largest fighting game developers on the market today. Capcom hit the people with a 1-2 punch on Evo 2022 finals day, unveiling newcomer Kimberly in Street Fighter 6 alongside returning fighter Juri.

Kimberly was first hinted at in the initial gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6 that was released back in early June, but now it looks like she might have gone from hint to hinter. Street Fighter 6’s director Takayuki Nakayama shared a comment about Kimberly on the official Street Fighter Twitter page that seems to point at another fighter that may be joining the roster down the road, and fans have a guess at who it might be.

“We created an outfit suitable for speedy and acrobatic moves since Kimberly excels in track-and field and cheerleading,” Nakayama began. “The music she listens to originate from a certain person, but you’ll have to wait to find out who that is in #StreetFighter6.”

Fans were quick to point out that this “certain person” very well could be Dee Jay. In the world of Street Fighter, Dee Jay is not only a Jamaican kickboxer, but he also happens to be a famous musician and recording artist.

Capcom is definitely aiming at callbacks here with Street Fighter 6, with the developers even going so far to say that the game is meant to be a reimagining of Street Fighter 2. It’s certainly a strong guess that the music Kimberly is rockin’ comes from one of the only characters in Street Fighter who is a musician and happens to hail from Street Fighter 2.

Dee Jay made his fighting game debut on September 10, 1993 in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. He joined the roster alongside three other brand new contenders: Cammy, T. Hawk, and Fei Long.

What’s interesting about Nakayama’s comment is the fact that he notes that we’ll have to wait to find out the identity of this mystery musician. If they were simply a liner note in Kimberly’s story, then Capcom would have very likely outright said who it is.

However, the “wait and see” thing definitely seems to suggest that this person will be of more importance than just a story piece, which means there’s a good chance that whomever this is will be playable and revealed at a later date.

In Street Fighter 6, Kimberly invited herself to become Guy’s student, studying the ninja art of Bushinryu. Her official description notes that she had an ordinary upbringing, but “she’s a prodigy who graduated college early and now wants to be a full-fledged ninja.”

She is obsessed with 80’s pop culture and carries around her trusty cassette player, which she has on even while she fights. Her moveset is heavily inspired by past characters like Guy and Zeku, coming equipped with a command run, an air Bushin grab, Guy’s target combos, and more.

As of writing this, Street Fighter 6 has seen seven playable characters revealed. Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, and Juri make up its returning fighters, while Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly are the newcomers.

Street Fighter 6 is due out sometime in 2023.


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