Farthest Frontier tips guide: How to conquer the survival city builder

Survival city builder Farthest Frontier just entered early access on Steam (opens in new tab). Developed by Crate Entertainment, makers of fantasy ARPG Grim Dawn, Farthest Frontier is a challenging and occasionally brutal medieval village management sim where you don’t just need to keep your citizens happy, you need to keep them alive. If you want your town to thrive and grow you’ll need to help your villagers survive heat waves, freezing temperatures, starvation, scores of diseases, crop failures, injuries, raiders, wild animal attacks, and even bee stings.

Luckily I was able to play Farthest Frontier before it launched into early access, and now your fledgling town can profit by learning from all my terrible mistakes (opens in new tab). Below you can find out how to keep your villagers warm, the most important part of trading, how to make homes desirable, how bees can screw up everything, and more.

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