This city builder that lives on my desktop has turned me into the world’s worst landlord

I’m a busy, high-powered man with lots of important things to be doing. It’s for this reason—and not because my attention span has been withered to a peppercorn by Twitter—that I barely ever play games anymore without also listening to a podcast, watching a movie, or doing my taxes. I simply have too many weighty responsibilities (and a backlog of Better Call Saul episodes to watch) to focus on a trifling one thing at a time.

That’s why I was drawn to Desktopia, a medieval city builder (opens in new tab) that lives just above your taskbar. Made by a team of three devs, the game takes up about a quarter of your screen and is designed to let you “work, watch, or browse something else while you play”. As someone with a long history of dividing my attention between two (or more) things and thereby remembering neither, it sounded tailor-made for me.

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