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Multiverse, like many other multiplayer-focused live-service titles, will have Seasons that periodically introduce new content and characters, ways to play, and new cool things to unlock. All announced by game director Tony Huynh at EVO 2022, Multiversus Season 1 is shaping up to be an exciting start for the community.

For all the details on when Season 1 of Multiversus is coming, to the flashy new characters and cosmetics you can earn, check out the comprehensive breakdown below.


Multiversus Season 1 Release Date

Multiversus Season 1 was initially scheduled for release on August 9th, 2022, but was delayed with an announcement on Twitterwith an amended release date coming “very soon”.

It’s worth noting that the Pre-Season battle pass now extends up to August 15th, indicating that Season 1 could be coming on/just after that date.

New Characters

There are two officially revealed characters for Season: Rick and Morty.

Rick is a Mage/Ranged type character, and Morty is a Bruiser. Whilst their full moveset hasn’t been detailed, you can definitely expect some multiversal portal shenanigans.


Whilst other characters’ voice lines have been datamined (and therefore likely coming soon in Season 1), the foul-mouthed space-faring duo are guaranteed to join your roster with Season 1.

Arcade Fashion

An Arcade Mode has also been announced, and whilst details are sparse, it is indicated that this is a collection of battles against AI, progressing in difficulty, and can be played either solo or in 2v2 co-op.

New Cosmetics

Of course with a new Season comes a collection of cosmetic-only items that you can add to your collection and display to your friends/competitors.

These include several Icons themed to the various playable characters, Banners to equip beneath your username and player level, and costume variants. Two of which are on display in the image below; LeBron James dressed as Robin, and Bugs Bunny dressed as Brünnhilde (the Valkyrie).

Season 1 Battle Pass


We won’t know exactly what Multiversus’ Season 1 Battle Pass contains until we hit the release date, but the game director on Twitter revealed that the Battle Pass will cost 950 Gleamium, which equates to around $10. He also unveiled that the Pass will have 50 tiers, which is higher than the Pre-Season Battle Pass at 15 tiers, as seen below.

Ranked Mode

Alongside Arcade Mode, a Ranked Mode has been announced. While the Open Beta does pit players against one another based on their MMR, a true Ranked Mode has been something many fans of the game have been hungering for, and the devs have taken notice.

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