Battalion 1944 studio splits with Square Enix, announces free Legacy edition coming to Steam

Battalion 1944 (opens in new tab) launched into early access in 2018 as a throwback to the early days of the Call of Duty games. There were some troubles, predictable for an early access game, but it seemed like a very strong start (opens in new tab) for a niche multiplayer FPS. Square Enix, which had published Battalion 1944 under its indie-focused Square Enix Collective, apparently thought so too: It acquired a 20% stake (opens in new tab) in developer Bulkhead in November 2018.

Unfortunately, neither the game nor the relationship between Bulkhead and Square Enix worked out quite as hoped. Battalion 1944’s average concurrent player count has been stuck in single-digits since mid-2020, a console release that was promised in a 2016 Kickstarter never happened, and today Bulkhead announced that it has “formally ended” its relationship with Square Enix.

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