A new Xbox Elite Controller may have leaked

What you need to know

  • The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is Microsoft’s premium Xbox gamepad with a range of additional features.
  • Recently, I heard Microsoft may be looking to launch some kind of new Elite controller for the 2022 holiday season.
  • Today, a new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 “White Edition” was unearthed on YouTube, potentially giving us a look at the next version of the product.

A little while ago, I heard that there may be some kind of new Xbox Elite Controller on the way, slated for the 2022 holiday season. Although I didn’t have a huge amount of details to go on beyond that, we may have gotten a glimpse at it on Twitter this week.

For those who are unaware, the Xbox Elite Controller is Microsoft’s premium-tier Xbox gamepad. The current version is the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, and it comes with an utterly insane 40+ hour built-in battery, a powerful and convenient high-quality charge dock, four configurable back paddles, trigger locks for more rapid activation, and various other power-user features.

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