Melty Blood: Type Lumina details summer 2022 update

Project Lumina has released a video message from Kamone Serizawa, the director of development on Melty Blood: Lumina-Type at French-Bread, regarding the contents of the major update coming to the game this summer, which include battle system adjustments and game mode improvements.

Get the details below.

■ Neco-Arc and Mash Kyrielight


A very tricky character, with lively controls. Has a lot of funny attacks, with more jokes and references than ever. Requires a lot of practice to win with in versus battles.

Mash Kyrielight

A standard in-fighter with a lot of straightforward moves. Uses her massive shield in a lot of attacks, can close gaps quickly, and often wins hit trades. A good pick for beginners.

(Read more about Neco-Arc and Mash Kyrielight here.)

■ Planned Battle System Adjustments

Battle System Adjustment Plan

  • General adjustments to increase the level of freedom and allow a more personalized experience
  • Various system control improvements
  • Adjustments to highlight character distinctions
  • Added new moves for characters
  • Keep existing combos usable, and adjust combo system to allow for new combo creation


  • Reexamine Frame values, such as increasing Recovery, and weaken.
  • Reduce Moon Icon gain on successful Shield from two to one.
  • Moon Icons will now gradually deplete when Shield is held.
  • Remove landing recovery when jump attacks are Shielded.
  • Make Mid Attack Blowback Edge B and C unblockable by Crouching Shield (Fatal Counter).
  • Make Blowback Edge Forced Release unblockable by Crouching Shield.
  • Standing Shield against mid Crouching B or C attacks, and Crouching Shield against Standing B or C attacks will now fail and convert to a special Guard.
  • When converted to Guard, Shield Counters cannot be used, the character will take chip damage, and they will lose another Moon Icon (for two total).


  • Neutralization is now prevented when hit with a standard move from the back.
  • Neutralization has been made less likely for powerful moves like Invincible Skills and EX Specials.

Moon Drive and Moon Skills

  • Remove throw invincibility from Moon Drive.
  • Allow repeated Aerial Dashes in the same direction in Moon Drive. (Consecutive aerial dashes in the same direction are not allowed.)
  • Adjustment to make it easier to increase the number of magic circuits when activating moon skills by eliminating the limit on the number of magic circuits to be increased. (Only major adjustments are excluded.)

Dash and Aerial Dashes

  • Reduce time until moves or Guard are available after Dashing on the ground.
  • Shorten landing recovery for Aerial Dash.
  • During the fall of an Aerial Dash, it is possible to guard in the air.


  • Make combos with Specials and other easier to use, enable previously-impossible combos.
  • Adjustments have been made to make combos using jump attacks easier.
  • Display combo damage in versus battles Make gauge buildup visible in Training Mode.
  • Enable changes of Rapid Beat input method It also enable modes that allow A+B, turning off the function, and turning off the function only for Aerial versions in addition to the traditional settings.

■ Game Mode Improvements

Network Mode

  • Make ranks more finely divided, and improve ease of matching at player skill levels. (Example: “C” > “C4” / “C3” / “C2” / “C1” / etc.)
  • Revised rank gain calculations for improved playability.
  • Added higher “EX” rank above “S+.”
  • Improved rank changes animations.
  • Improved search function for better matching in general.

Replay Mode

  • Added “Slow Motion,” “Frame-by-Frame,” “Pause,” and “Rewind” functions.
  • Added “Next Round” and “Previous Round” jump functions.

Melty Blood: Lumina-Type is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam.

Watch the video message below.

Summer Update Information Video Message

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