Marvel’s new card game is scrapping its unpopular monetization scheme

marvel snap (opens in new tab) studio Second Dinner says it will refund all gold spent by players during the game’s contentious Nexus Events, and will also give the Jane Foster base card to all players, regardless of whether or not they participated in Nexus Events. The announcement comes a week after the removal of Nexus Events, which were heavily criticized by players for over-aggressive monetization and misrepresenting the likelihood of higher tier rewards dropping. The game is currently in closed beta on Android devices, but will be coming to PC down the line.

Second Dinner, co-founded in 2018 by former Hearthstone game director Ben Brode, introduced Nexus Events to the new Marvel CCG in July, and they did not go over well with players. The problem, as we explained here (opens in new tab)is that the best rewards, including that Jane Foster card, had a very low drop rate, meaning players could end up spending hundreds of dollars to acquire them, while the common rewards weren’t cards at all—just in-game currency and resources that can be used to upgrade your existing cards.

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