5 easy and useful item duplication glitches

Minecraft is, at its core, a survival game. This makes getting items and materials the most important part of the game for players. However, multiple methods still exist in the game as of 1.191.1 allow players to duplicate their items, cutting down on the grind in single-player and multiplayer settings.

While Mojang has patched dozens, if not more, methods for duplicating items over the decade that the game has been out, the community has been incredible at figuring out new methods to dupe items.

Minecraft 1.19.1 has a number of duplication glitches



These bugs and glitches rely on faults within the game’s code to operate. This means they can be patched out at any time, with little notice from Mojang. Additionally, there can be strange occurrences or even game-breaking results, so players should continue at their own risk.

Additionally, the duplication glitches found below are only tested on the Java edition of 1.19.1 and are therefore not guaranteed to work for Bedrock.

5) String duplication

The setup needed to duplicate string (Image via Minecraft)
The setup needed to duplicate string (Image via Minecraft)

A string is a pretty basic item. Players can use it to make things like bows, fishing rods, and wool or trade it to villagers to access emeralds. This means that duplicating string can give players unlimited access to emeralds.

This method is also straightforward. Players need to make a small water channel leading to a perpendicular area five blocks long, with a tripwire hook on each end and three strings in the middle. When water is placed, flowing, and breaking the string, four strings will drop, one more than was placed.

4) Tripwire duplication

The setup needed to duplicate tripwire hooks (Image via Minecraft)
The setup needed to duplicate tripwire hooks (Image via Minecraft)

Tripwire hooks are in a very similar spot to string. They are items with limited uses, such as making trapped chests and crossbows and being sold to villagers for emeralds. Much like a string, it is straightforward to duplicate tripwire hooks reliably.

Players need to place two trapdoors on the edges of blocks closest to each other, three blocks apart. Players should then crouch and place a hook on each trap door, connecting them with one string.

When players walk onto the string, the string and two tripwire hooks will drop, though only one of the hooks breaks. This means that players can turn two tripwire hooks into an infinite number of them.

3) Villager trading duplication

An example of a villager in a boat (Image via Minecraft)
An example of a villager in a boat (Image via Minecraft)

For as powerful as villager trading tends to be as a whole, there is one incredibly frustrating aspect to it, meant to balance the system’s power: the fact that villagers run out of stock, meaning that players can only do a certain trade so many times in a short period.

However, a multiplayer method will allow for infinite villager trading. If a player is in a boat with a villager in the second seat, another player can open the villager trading interface, and the player in the boat can log out of the server. This will cause the boat and villager to vanish as well. The remaining player can then trade until the stock runs out.

Once the stock is out, the boat player can join. This will also cause the boat and villager to reappear, with all of their trades in stock. Players can do this as much as they want to avoid losing trades.

2) Boat chest duplication


This dupe is another dupe that requires a second person. Unlike the previous dupe, however, it will require a second person instead of an alternate account.

The first player must enter the chest boat and get ready to quit Minecraft. The second person needs to enter the chest interface and begin rapidly placing and removing the chest.

Then the boat player needs to exit Minecraft. This will sometimes result in duplicating the item, ending up in the chest and the player’s inventory.

1) Duplicating Shulker


This is a difficult method to pull off outside of mods. However, it is also straightforward. If a player removes an item from a shulker box on the same in-game tick that they close the shulker’s interface or the shulker is broken, the server cannot register that the shulker has lost the item. However, it can register that the player has gained the item.

Players can use mods to guarantee this effect or try and time it with a friend on a server to duplicate all of the items within the shulker box.


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