BMW owners are figuring out how to pirate their heated seats

“You wouldn’t download a car” is a meme-tweak of an infamous anti-piracy ad campaign (opens in new tab) from way back when. It’s a ridiculous statement, but even so it’s always inspired a silent, in-my-head reply: “You better believe I would if I could, buddy.” I can’t, of course, but I can now download one very small part of a car: The part that keeps my ass warm on cold Canadian nights.

We learned a couple weeks ago that BMW is test-driving a subscription model for seat warmers (opens in new tab) in its cars in South Korea, charging $18 per month or a one-time fee of $415 for access to the seat warmers in swanky new Beemers. It’s a grotesque but probably inevitable outcome of the broken capitalist hell we have built for ourselves, and as with most things, the great likelihood is that it’s going to get worse.

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