How to download Minecraft 1.19.1 Bedrock Edition update

The Minecraft 1.19 update was incredible. The Allay, Warden, and frogs have all been exceptional additions to the mob family. The Mangrove Swamp and Deep Dark biomes have quickly become very popular, despite the Deep Dark’s intense danger.

Everything about it was great, but no update is ever perfect. Almost every single update for a game in all time has had patches come out later to fix issues or add something else.


This is true of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The 1.19.10 update was released and involves quite a few tweaks to the overall game. Nothing major has changed, but there are several new things.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19.10: How to download and patch notes

Fortunately, there’s no download at a specific location. This is not like a pre-release, snapshot or beta. This version is available to players through whatever platform they play on.

The update can be accessed through the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, App Store, Google Play Store, Minecraft Windows Launcher or anywhere else the title is available on.

It will probably automatically be installed since it’s a rather small update and wasn’t released very recently. If it hasn’t been installed on its own, players can click the update button and manually start the process.

Allay received some new features (Image via Mojang)
Allay received some new features (Image via Mojang)

The latest Minecraft patch introduced a few new things:

  • When an Allay hears a Jukebox, it will do a dance.
  • If the Jukebox stops, or if the Allay is too far away, it will stop dancing.
  • If Minecraft players give an Amethyst Shard to an Allay while it is dancing, it will play a small amethyst sound, make a heart, and duplicate.
  • After duplication, both will have a five minute cooldown before being able to duplicate.

Now, Minecraft players can use the /locate command to search for a biome. If players want to find the nearest Deep Dark or Mangrove Swamp, they can.

Additionally, a trader llama now has its own spawn egg in Creative mode.

There were quite a few bug fixes as well:

  • Players are no longer pushed by doors when they close.
  • Equipping items in armor slots on the inventory screen produces sound effects.
  • Resistance effect is no longer one level weaker.
  • Container entities, like a Boat with Chest, can be opened on mobile without crouching. This can occur if all the seats are full.
  • Removed the Vanilla Experiment and Wild Experiment toggles. Everything is in vanilla now.
  • Clay patches now generate in Mangrove Swamps.
  • Ancient City structures match in Java Edition.
  • Villagers spawn as Swamp Villagers in Mangrove Swamp biomes.
  • Villagers and Wandering Traders flee from Zoglins.
  • Wandering Trader now drinks milk to rid itself of the Invisibility effect.
  • Tadpoles now grow up into Temperate Frogs (orange) in Meadows. They grow into Cold Frogs (green) in Deep Dark.
  • Allays now follow Minecraft players through Nether portals.
  • Wardens can now pass through lava and water.
  • Warden always chases a nuisance after roaring at it.
  • Bells can be run by any type of projectile.
  • Mangrove Propagules use grass sound effects.
  • When goats ram Mangrove logs, they drop a horn.
  • Sculk sensors detect items being placed in an armor stand’s hand.

For the full patch notes, players can check out Mojang’s official website.


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