Glaceon and the Season 9 Battle Pass Are Now Available in Pokémon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE’s Season 9 Battle Pass—titled Band Style—is now available. Through September 1, 2022, the Band Style battle pass offers exciting new rewards, stylish Trainer fashion items, and new Holowear, such as Band Style: Pikachu and Songstress Style: Wigglytuff.

Each Pokémon UNITE battle pass consists of 60 battle pass levels, with thrilling missions and corresponding rewards available at each level. Complete daily, weekly, and seasonal battle pass missions to obtain battle pass points to increase your battle pass level and unlock new rewards. Players can also exchange Aeos gems for a premium pass, which automatically increases the battle pass level by 10 and provides additional rewards, such as rare Holowear, each time the battle pass level increases thereafter. Players with a premium pass can also obtain battle pass special tickets, which can be exchanged for Holowear, fashion items, and other rewards from the Season 1 and Season 2 battle passes. This is a great opportunity to get Captain Style: Cinderace, Space Style: Gengar, and more!

In addition, Pokémon UNITE players can look forward to Glaceon, a Pokémon as cool as ice. For a limited time, by participating in a special in-game Glaceon event, the Icy Glaceon Challenge, starting July 21, 2022, you can obtain Glaceon’s Unite license without spending Aeos gems. Earn points by logging in, participating in and winning battles, and doing other in-game activities. This special event ends August 14, 2022, at which point Glaceon’s Unite license will be available in the Unite Battle Committee shop for 10,000 Aeos coins. You can also obtain Glaceon’s Unite license at the Unite Battle Committee shop at any time by exchanging 575 Aeos gems—and if you use Aeos gems to obtain Glaceon’s Unite license and then later receive it as an event reward, you’ll receive 10,000 Aeos coins instead.

This Ranged Attacker combines graceful mobility and a storm of icy attacks to snow in the opposition. The Pokémon’s basic attack becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage and generating two ice crystals when the boosted attack hits an opposing Pokémon (up to eight crystals can be held). The Pokémon starts out each match as Eevee and evolves into Glaceon at Lv. 4. Glaceon’s Ability, Snow Cloak, negates any hindrance that would affect it and makes Glaceon start sneaking and become invincible for a short time before the Ability goes on cooldown.

At Lv. 1 and Lv. 2, Eevee learns Swift and Tail Whip.

Swift generates four stars around Eevee, and then each time Eevee hits an opposing Pokémon with a basic attack, one of the stars (or two stars, in the case of a boosted attack) will shoot out and deal additional damage to that Pokémon.

When using tail whip, Eevee wags its tail at an opposing Pokémon, dealing damage and decreasing that Pokémon’s Defense, Sp. Def, and movement speed for a short time. Eevee’s next basic attack after using Tail Whip will also become a boosted attack.

When Eevee reaches Lv. 4 and evolves into Glaceon, Swift can be upgraded into one of two moves: Icicle Spear gold Icy Wind.

Icicle Spear causes Glaceon to launch all of its stored ice crystals in rapid succession at the target Pokémon, dealing increased damage with each successive hit. When they hit, the ice crystals will also shatter and deal damage in an area of ​​effect. If Glaceon has no stored ice crystals when Icicle Spear is used, two will instantly be created and launched. After Icicle Spear is used, the cooldown of Ice Shard or Freeze-Dry is reduced. Icicle Spear can also be upgraded to deal additional damage to opposing Pokémon it hits equal to a set percentage of their maximum HP.

Icy Wind has Glaceon move in a designated direction and makes its next basic attack launch all stored ice crystals at an opposing Pokémon. Glaceon then regains the same number of ice crystals it launched. If Glaceon hits the same opposing Pokémon with four or more ice crystals, that Pokémon’s movement speed is decreased for a short time—and the more ice crystals that hit that Pokémon, the stronger this movement speed-decrease effect. If Glaceon has no stored ice crystals when Icy Wind is used, two will be created before the attack. Icy Wind can also be upgraded to deal additional damage to opposing Pokémon it hits equal to a set percentage of their maximum HP.

At Lv. 6, Tail Whip can be upgraded into either ice shard gold Freeze-Dry.

ice shard increases Glaceon’s movement speed for a short time. Afterward, Glaceon’s basic attack speed increases for a short time and its basic attacks change into attacks that hurl chunks of ice. These chunks of ice deal damage to opposing Pokémon they hit and decrease their movement speed for a short time. Each time a chunk of ice hits, Glaceon gains two ice crystals. Glaceon also gains two ice crystals if Ice Shard is used while launching ice crystals with Icicle Spear, or if Ice Shard is used after Icy Wind has been used but before Glaceon has launched all of its ice crystals with its next basic attack. Ice Shard can also be upgraded to increase Glaceon’s basic attack speed for the duration of Ice Shard’s effect.

Freeze-Dry increases Glaceon’s Sp. Atk for a short time and has Glaceon shoot out a freezing burst of air in a forward direction. The burst of air explodes upon hitting an opposing Pokémon or after traveling a set distance, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of ​​effect. For each opposing Pokémon hit by the explosion, Glaceon gains two ice crystals. The explosion also leaves behind an ice zone. Opposing Pokémon that enter this ice zone will have their movement speed decreased, and if they remain in the ice zone for a set amount of time, they become frozen for a short time. Freeze-Dry can also be upgraded to generate an ice crystal for each opposing Pokémon hit by the move’s explosions.

After reaching Lv. 8, Glaceon is ready to put on a show with its Unite Move, Glacial Stage. Glaceon leaps into the air, creating a diamond-shaped ice zone that deals damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of ​​effect. While Glaceon is in the ice zone, its movement speed is increased, and it gains an ice crystal whenever a set amount of time passes. The ice zone also decreases the movement speed of all opposing Pokémon.

Get ready to start a snowdown with Glaceon in Pokémon UNITE. Head over to the Unite Battle Committee to get Glaceon’s Unite license now.

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