This is the most demanding PC game in terms of GPU power ‘and for a long time it had no graphics’

It takes a whole lot of GPU power to run today’s most powerful AI models. Even the most extreme gaming PC build (opens in new tab) wouldn’t be able to handle the kind of oomph needed to get the best AI Dungeon (opens in new tab) models up and running. In order for Latitude to power what’s essentially this less numbers-heavy, more free and creative online D&D campaign, you’d need something truly beastly.

According to Nick Walton, the CEO of Latitude and the software engineer who helped design the initial code for the D&D-inspired story generator (opens in new tab)“If you wanted to run the largest AI for AI dungeon, you would need not just a high-powered GPU, but a cluster of eight or 16 massive high-powered GPUs.” Even those would need to be more powerful than the best graphics cards (opens in new tab) on the consumer market.

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