This $6 online street racing game has quickly built a small fanbase on Steam

I feel like I plucked Kanjozoku Game レーサー (opens in new tab) out of a 2000s videogame store bargain bin. It’s an old-school arcade racing game that came out on Steam earlier this month for $6 (on sale for $4.49 right now), and it kind of rules, so long as your expectations remain in line with the tubs of banged-up cardboard boxes I’m recalling. It’s a cool time-killer that really ought to be purchased with crumpled up pocket bills, but a Steam Wallet will do.

Kanjozoku is a simple game: There isn’t much structure to it, and the controls aren’t complex, so no tutorial is needed. The races aren’t especially thrilling, to be honest, but Kanjozoku’s early-2000s Need for Speed ​​and Midnight Club vibe and total devotion to car nerdery sells it for me.

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