Take one guess as to why people are mad about the new free-to-play Marvel CCG

If you want a reminder of how weird the games industry has gotten, consider the case of Marvel Snap. The mobile-first digital card game (which will also be available on PC), is still deep in a closed beta, without a firm release date. But free-to-play monetization is what it is, and the community is currently mired in an absolute uproar over a particularly brazen transaction scheme. In that sense, I guess you could say Marvel Snap is way ahead of schedule.

Marvel Snap is unlike other card games in the sense that you can’t buy an unlimited number of boosters to chase down whatever legendary you’re looking for. Instead, the only way to add new heroes to your catalog is to advance on a “collection track,” which grants you a random card every couple of intervals. However, developer Second Dinner (which is composed of former Hearthstone developers), recently changed that model with the introduction of time-limited “Nexus Events,” allowing players to spend real money (by first converting it into an in-game currency) for a chance to get exclusive cards, variants, and avatars.

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