MultiVersus tier list: First tier lists say Taz OP, Velma trash

Since the dawn of the internet, gamers have strived to be first-to-screen with their opinions.

MultiVersus isn’t technically out-out yet (though you can definitely pay $40, $60, or $100 to play it’s current “open beta,” which isn’t labeled as Early Access in Steam), but websites and streamers are already tripping over themselves to tell you who the best characters are, three days into the game’s existence. The verdict so far? Taz good, Steven Universe bad.

To get a better sense of the consensus for this still-evolving game, I read five tier lists on the web and three on YouTube, aggregating them into a single scoresheet.

(Image credit: WB Games)

What I learned from looking at a bunch of MultiVersus tier lists:

  • The top-ranked character was tazwho received five S-ranks
  • Batman was close behind at #2, with three S-ranks and four A-ranks
  • shaggy (who is apparently better in a fight than Superman) and harley quinn tied for third place, earning an identical distribution of rankings
  • The character with the least consensus was bugs bunny (two Ss, two As, two Bs, two Ds)
  • Velma scored poorly, earning two C-tiers and four D-tiers
  • Steven Universe was D-tier in 5 lists, scoring only one B-rank as their highest vote
  • Bruisers had the highest average score (3.7; A/B-tier)
  • Supports had the lowest average score (1.96; C-tier)

multiverse characters tier list

Taz’s triangular bodytype presumably makes him more aerodynamic. (Image credit: WB Games)

Almost every list praised Taz’s aggressiveness and mobility. “The Taz-nado is an easy and reliable move to execute,” wrote Jaren Navarrette on Sirius Gaming. “It can land multiple hits in conjunction and throw enemies out of the fighting ring.”

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