Giants announce return of throwback blue uniforms for two games in 2022

New York will fully lean into the throwback aesthetic when it hosts its two legacy games, painting the field at MetLife Stadium to match the Giants’ end zone art from Super Bowl XXI and plastering the walls with period-appropriate branding.

“This era obviously still holds a special place in the hearts of Giants fans,” Giants president John Mara said in a statement released by the team. “Our teams during that time featured legendary players, some of the best in our franchise’s history. And these uniforms remind us of what was accomplished through those years. We are thrilled to wear that uniform again.”

The Giants are the latest addition to what is becoming a lengthy list of teams that have introduced new uniforms or helmets for the 2022 season. Thanks to the end of the league’s one-shell rule, clubs have seized the opportunity to add much-desired variety to their aesthetic appearances. New York joined them in this regard, ensuring the classic blue uniform would be historically accurate by waiting until the end of the one-shell rule before introducing the throwback look, which includes a period-appropriate navy-shelled helmet with a single red stripe down the middle and the trademark GIANTS script on each side.

Previously, the Giants had blended details from that era, such as the white, road version of the 1980s and 1990s uniform, with the current color of their helmet, which is more vibrant and was visually pleasing, especially during night games. Now, they’re going full throwback, much to the delight of Giants fans everywhere.

“This uniform represents a significant part of Giants history, and we have often been asked by our fans if we would ever wear it again,” Giants chief commercial officer Pete Guelli said. “We started the uniform process with the NFL two years ago, and we’re excited to see it come to life for two games this season. These Legacy Games will connect generations of Giants fans.”

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